Ur: Abrahamís Hometown

(March 2016)



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I Immerse You in Water into Repentance

(Sept 2021)

These Stones

(Aug 2021)

Abraham as Our Father

(July 2021)

Fruit Conistent with Repentanace

(June 2021)

Brood of Poisonous Snakes

(May 2021)

Who Were the Sadducees?

(April† 2021)

Who Were the Pharisees?

(March 2021)

Acknowledging Their Sins

(February 2021)

They Were Immersed

(January 2021)

Jordan River

(December 2020)

Locusts and Wild Honey

(November 2020)

Camel Hair Clothing & Skin Belt

(October 2020)

Make His Paths Straight

(September 2020)

The Kingdom of the Heavens

(August 2020)


(July 2020)

Bethany Beyond the Jordan

(June 2020)

The Judean Desert

(May 2020)

John the immerser

(April 2020)

Jesus Would Be Called a Nazarene

(March 2020)

Joseph Resided in Nazareth

(February 2020)


(January 2020)

Archelaus Was Ruler

(December 2019)

Those Seeking the Life of the Child Have Died

(November 2019)

Rachel - Ramah

(October 2019)

From Two Years and Under

(September 2019)

Flight into Egypt

(August 2019)

What is Myrrh?

(July 2019)

What is Frankincense?

(June 2019)

They Offered Him Gifts


They Worshiped Him

(April 2019)

When Did the Magi Arrive?

(March 2019)

The Magi Meet Jesus

(February 2019)

The Star Stood Above Where the Child Was

(January 2019)

The Date of Jesusí Birth

(December 2018)

Who Were the Scribes?

(November 2018)

Who Were the Chief Priests?

(October 2018)

Bethlehem of Judah

(September 2018)

His Star

(August 2018)

No Blog Post in July


Magiís Connection with Daniel, Prophet of God

(June 2018)

Magiís Source of Knowledge

(May 2018)

Two Sure Ways to Increase Your Faith

(April 2018)

Magi from the East - Part 2

(March 2018)

Magi from the East - Part 1

(February 2018)

The Census

(January 2018)


(December 2017)

What About Palestine?

(November 2017)

The Roman Province of Judea

(October 2017)

The Roman Tetrarchy of Judea

(September 2017)

The Roman Kingdom of Judea

(August 2017)

Herod the Great: Death

(July 2017)

Herod the Great: Corrupt

(June 2017)

Herod the Great: Politics

(May 2017)

As the Magi Traveled

(April 2017)

Mary Had No Sexual Relations

Until After Jesusí Birth

(March 2017)

They Will Call His Name Emmanuel

(February 2017)

A Virgin Will Conceive

(January 2017)

Call His Name Jesus

(December 2016)

Of the Lord

(November 2016)

No Blog Post in October

(October 2016)

An Angel Appeared to Joseph

(September 2016)

Mary is Pregnant!

(August 2016)

Joseph the Craftsman

(July 2016)

Maryís Daring Trip to Elizabeth

(June 2016)

First Cousins: Joseph & Mary

(May 2016)

Abrahamís Trek: Ur to Canaan

(April 2016)

Burning Heart Bible StudiesPAST POSTS

ďWere not our hearts burning within us Ö while He was explaining the Scriptures to us?Ē (Luke 24:32 NASB)